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Ref: 1789
Location: Castellón de la Plana/Castelló
Price: 772.000 €  (791.000 €)
Type: Houses
M² (approx.): 823
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 5
Heating: Heating
Parking/Garage: Parking
Terrace: Terrace
Sea view: Sea View
Swimming pool: Swimmingpool
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CASTELLON DE LA PLANA (ZONA EL GRAO -Avenida Castalia) - FOR SALE EXPECTACULAR CHALET IN FRONT OF THE BEACH in the construction phase of 823 m2, 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, private pool. financing facilities. .Technical Situation IN CONSTRUCTION The property is transmitted in the construction phase, not having completed the construction works of it. The Acquirer will assume, the status of the works in which the Property is located. The Seller has not carried out the construction works of the property, nor has it intervened in its construction process, which is stated for the purposes of the responsibilities and obligations established in Law 38/1999, of November 5, on the Regulation of the Building, situation that the purchaser must accept and expressly assume. It will be from the Acquirer's account; (i) all costs associated with the completion of the works of the Property; (ii) the procedures, procedures and documents, which entail the registration and cadastral regularization of the Property and, where appropriate, the registration of the Property in the Land Registry as a finished Property; and (iii) the documents and paperwork that are necessary to allocate the Property for the use for which it is acquired and for its habitability. The Seller is not liable for apparent defects or hidden defects or the state of conservation or construction of the property, which will be transmitted as a certain body. The Property will be transmitted to the current Tax that by the Fiscal Legislation corresponds to the Seller. The property will be transmitted without provision of services or supplies. The sale price of this property has been determined based on the above circumstances, which have meant a lower value thereof, and which must be expressly accepted by the purchaser in the formalization of the transfer of the property.

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